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We teach swing dancing with the main focus on Lindy Hop and Authentic Solo Jazz. Lindy Hop is a swinging dance from the '30's. Originated in Harlem NY, and danced on the Swing Jazz music from that era. 
Most of our site is in English, we do speak Dutch. If you need more info in Dutch, let us know!  

We want to spread the love for Lindy Hop & all related Swing dances. To do that we organise (weekly) classes, workshops, demos and events. We travel all over the world to dance, compete, meet other dancers and... well... dance! 

We geven lessen in Swing dans, waarbij onze focus op Lindy Hop en Authentic Solo Jazz ligt. Lindy Hop is dé Swingdans uit de jaren '30 en komt van oorsprong uit Harlem NY. Lindy Hop wordt gedanst op swingende jazzmuziek, voornamelijk uit dat era. 
Het grootste gedeelte van onze site is in het Engels. We spreken ook Nederlands, dus als je meer informatie nodig hebt in het Nederlands, laat het ons weten! 

Ons grootste doel is de liefde voor Lindy Hop en alle swing gerelateerde dansen verspreiden. Daarvoor organiseren we (wekelijkse) lessen, workshops, demos en evenementen. We reizen de wereld over om te dansen, competities te dansen, andere dansers te ontmoeten en...tja....dansen! 


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Corona Virus Update

*NL onderin*

Hi all!
We hope you have been dancing! It is really different in your own home, and we miss you all so much!

This article informs you about next block, block 3 (April-July). Some of you have already registered, some of you didn't. Read this well as we will tell you about decisions we have made or still are to be made. Please be patient with us, we are trying to do our best for everyone, but, as the future is unsure, we cannot and do not want to make hard decisions yet.

What about next block?
Lindy Hop
Because the government stated we have to stay inside until the end May we cannot start on time with the block.
There are a few options though. As soon as the government states that the dance schools can open again we can start lessons. That means that maybe it is possible that we can work with some sort of mini-tracks of 3 or 4 lessons. The time will show what is possible, depended of the length of this lock-down. Please know that we are doing everything to get you dancing again! Preferably in the offline version of it. If you have registered for block 3 (April-July), what happens with your registration is depending on what we decide with block 3. When block 3 isn't happening or partly happening, your registration will be set to the next block (September, Block 1).
Aerials and Dips
We can maybe postpone the classes to the last part of this block, If that isn't possible, we will offer the Aerials & Dips track again in Block 1, starting September.
Collegiate Shag
We have postponed this block. We will let you know when we can start with the classes. Julia & Peter are looking forward to teach you. If the new dates are set, we will inform you. If you have registered, and can't make the new dates, we will refund you.
Which workshops will continue or rescheduled is decided per workshop and is announced through FB and email.

If you have any questions regarding this, send me an email, or call, or Whatsapp!

For now, stay safe and keep on dancing!

Danny & Eveline offer private classes online and there are so many opportunities to dance, so don't sit still....DANCE!

See you soon,
Hugs and Kisses

Danny & Eveline
& The JazzOut Team

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New Block starts: 
Lindy Hop: 23/4 - POSTPONED
Collegiate Shag: 17/5 - POSTPONED 
Aerials & Dips: 23/4 - POSTPONED
Den Bosch
Lindy Hop: 14/4- POSTPONED
JazzOut SwingFest / 28 - 30 Aug /  www.jazzoutswingfest.nl 

JazzOut SwingFest is our yearly festival. We organise this amazing festival in Nijmegen in the last week of August. During this weekend there are workshops, parties and related entertainment for swingdancers. To join this festival you need swing dance experience. Check out the video and see how awesome it was.

More info is on the webiste www.jazzoutswingfest.nl

Hope to see you there!


Hire us?!

- Teach classes and workshops Lindy Hop, Solo Jazz. Collegiate Shag, Burlesque, Aerials, Charleston.
- Provide workshops, demos and shows at festivals, party's & events 

- Organise workshops for Swing related dances
- Teach private classes
- Organise Try-outclasses in Nijmegen & Den Bosch
- Organise Social Dances in Nijmegen & Den Bosch
- Choreograph & Instruct Weddingdances and performances
- Entertainment/workshops for Bachelorparties, days out, company trips etc.