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Some awesome workshops are coming up! 

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17 December - Workshop Authentic Solo Jazz by Eveline

The first Solo Jazz workshop ever in Den Bosch!
Solo Jazz is a very big part of Swing dances, but also very cool to do without any other Swing dance experience. In this awesome workshop you will learn a routine made by Eveline herself. 
In 1.5 hours you will learn the routine, the vernacular moves which are in the routine and Eveline will tell you a bit about the history of Solo Jazz, 

Eveline fell in love with Solo Jazz a few years ago, she was always used to dance partnered, but wanted to find a way to express herself more in her dancing, Solo Jazz was the perfect way to discover her own movements and enjoy her own dancing more and more. 

Dancing Solo is a great way to explore your dancing space, enhance your body awareness and find more joy in your own dancing. 

This workshop is open level and perfect for you if you are a beginner or if you had a few Solo classes already. 

Location: Babel - Bank van Leening - Schildersstraat 33, Den Bosch
Date: 17 December 
Time: 19:30 - 21:00
Costs: JazzOut Students: €15,- 
        Non JazzOut Students: €17,50

12 January - Workshop Aerials by Danny & Eveline

This workshop will be all about flying high!

In this 2-hour workshop Danny & Eveline will work with you on some basic-aerials, very cool aerials and the techniques you need for doing aerials. 
You will also learn how to train aerials yourself and how to be safe. 

Location: Babel, Hinthamerstraat Den Bosch
Date: 12 Januari
10:30 - 12:30

JazzOut Student: 
Non-JazzOut Student: €22,50-

19 January + 16 February + 8 March - Collegiate Shag Track by Vera and Karsten

This is not really a workshop but a it's a track. You register for all 3 Sundays.

Each sunday you have 4 hours of class. Vera and Karsten will teach you the basics, footwork, drills, fast tempos and their love for Collegiate Shag.

A message from Karsten and Vera:
Winter is here, the nights are getting long and cold, so our bodies need some extra warmth and joy don’t you think? Once a month we will boost ourselves with energetic and joyful Collegiate shag workshops with Karsten & Vera! We will be learning (and improving) our basics, we will have some dancing challenges and games, and of course we will have lots of fun! Everyone is welcome to join.

Location: Het Danslokaal, Nijmegen
Date: 19/1 + 16/2 + 8/3
11:00 - 15:30

Regular: €105,-
If you join Lindy Hop classes at JazzOut during the same block, you get a 50% discount! 
Costs if you dance Lindy Hop at JazzOut: 
Regular: €52.50
Student: €45,-

Workshop dates coming up; 

March 22 - Burlesque (ladies only) - Nijmegen
June 21 - ? - ?
September 20 - ? - ? 
December 20 - ? - ?
January 21 - ? - ?